Last Man Standing News

Last Man Standing Raffle Draw

This is the Major Fundraising endeavour of the Club and we hope that everyone can support it and help reduce our membership fees while having fun doing so.

The main draw is on 27th of August, starting 2pm in the clubrooms. Tickets are now sold out for this years Last Man (or Person) Standing (or Sitting) Raffle Draw.  End of season draw for a sole prize of $2,000 (Two Thousand Dollars). 

Weekly draws are now finished. See below for weekly winners.

RoundDateTicket# DrawnPerson
119/03/2242Paul Story
226/03/22184Darren Wilton
32/04/22183Colin Bell
49/04/2211Mick Devlin (Princess)
516/04/2219Terry Lloyd
623/04/2270John Dickinson
730/04/2261Matt Suckling
87/05/22151Matt Teml
914/05/22167Scott Pepper
1021/05/2263Matt Suckling
1128/05/22193John Dickinson
124/06/22151Matt Teml
1311/06/2278Jason Whitehead
1418/06/22118Trevor M
1525/06/2249Paul Storey
162/07/22167Scott Pepper
179/07/2285G. O’Neil
1816/07/2289Ron B
1923/07/22123Kym Hall
2030/07/2258Matt Suckling
216/08/2230Nick Burridge
2213/08/22156Michael Bentley
2320/08/2221Linton Jaffe